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Mosaico Signs is one of the top full-service Phoenix Sign Company. We design, manufacture, and install eye-catching, high-quality, long-lasting indoor & outdoor signs as well as vehicle wraps. Our designs and signage solutions are unlike what other companies offer. We ensure that each project element is custom-made and specifically curated to fit your business needs, marketing goals, and budget.

Client satisfaction is important to us, which is why we always strive to go beyond what is expected of us. We also do our best to reduce our impact on the environment by utilizing eco-friendly and sustainable materials, practices, and equipment.

One thing that distinguishes us from others is our tireless desire to grow individually as professionals and together as a company. In custom manufacturing, every sign is a new one. Therefore, being driven by a strong desire to obtain constant professional growth and an increasingly complete technical knowledge base are indispensable requirements to earn the trust of the most precious asset, the client.

If you want to learn more about our visual communication philosophy and how we can help your business succeed, dial +602 563 6030 today!

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Mosaico Signs guarantees that our design and signage solutions can bring positive results to your company. Whether you need help boosting profit, customer service, employee morale, brand retention, customer loyalty, product or service promotion, event promotion, or foot traffic, our Phoenix Sign Company team can provide the best strategies to achieve all of those objectives. With our training and years of experience, we will deliver the best solutions for your business. 

We don’t merely design and produce signs. We study your brand, understand your needs, and even perform on-site assessments. Our dedication to our clients is our biggest asset. Making your plans work is part of the Mosaico Signs philosophy; it’s the “Why” behind our enterprise, the driving motto.

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Indoor Signage

Interior signs supplement outdoor signage and have different purposes depending on your establishment:

These are just samples of what different businesses may need. Of course, a combination of several other signs would be highly beneficial as well. Our signage consultants  can present the different options you have and thoroughly explain what works best for your needs.

Interior Signs, Phoenix
Exterior Signs, Phoenix

Exterior Signs

Exterior business signs grab the attention of those driving or walking past your establishment or advertisement, encouraging them to enter your store, shop, or facility and make a purchase.

They make your business stand out and help you stay top of mind with locals. This signage introduces your brand to potential customers or reinforces it with existing customers.

Outdoor business signs help your establishment stand out from a sea of competitors. All of these advantages or benefits are only possible when you work with a dependable company with the expertise to produce outstanding, effective signs. 

Mosaico Signs can efficiently help you get where you need to go with our outdoor signage solutions. Some exterior signs that we specialize in include:

Custom Signs

Having custom-made signs is crucial to getting ahead of your competitors and communicating with your target audience. Apart from complementing your location, customized signs should also be cohesive with your branding strategy. This enables your signs to be easily recognizable from afar or from many other brands surrounding them. 

Customized business signs also solidify your brand, which directly affects your consumers’ trust. In other words, they’ll have more confidence in the products and services that you provide.

For example, if there’s a store with low-quality signage that doesn’t communicate what the brand is about or what products or services they offer, you would be discouraged from entering the establishment.

However, if you see eye-catching,  well-made signage that promotes the brand or advertises products and services, then you would be enticed to go inside and check out what they have to offer.

Mosaico Signs professionally produces your signage with an expert, creative touch to help bring in customers and achieve your marketing and business objectives.

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Vinyl Signs in Phoenix

Vinyl Graphics and Signs

Vinyl graphics and letter signs are fantastic for decorating glass walls, dividers, windows, or even bland walls. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to produce, yet highly effective in delivering your messages and making an impact on your target market and employees.

They are also popular in-office establishments because they make the environment more pleasing to the eye. By displaying motivational quotes and artsy graphics, you can boost employee morale and encourage them to work harder. They can also be used to improve privacy standards making your employees working experience more comfortable.

They’re also an ideal way to display store hours, contact numbers, and other important information you need your clients or visitors to know.

Full-service Sign Company

Mosaico Signs takes pride in providing complete signage solutions for businesses in Phoenix. We offer expert consultation, graphic design, and assistance with local rules and regulations on compliance, permitting, production, and installation. We don’t just produce signs; we take the time to understand your needs and develop an effective and efficient strategy.

We even offer repair and maintenance services to extend your signs’ life span and avoid spending on unplanned signage replacements. Plus, we provide superior customer service from start to finish to ensure your satisfaction.

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Whether you have a fixed plan or are still unsure about what type of sign you need to invest in and what design it should have, our Phoenix team can give all the guidance you need.

Are you ready to experience our outstanding design and signage solutions? Contact us by dialing +602 563 6030 today to claim your free consultation with a signage specialist. We look forward to being a reliable source for all your commercial graphic design and signage needs.

Learning Center

Custom Led Signs for Business
Exterior Signs

LED Signs: The new Curb Appeal

Being visible from the street is a massive boon to any business. You benefit from being easily and repeatedly noticed by drivers and pedestrians while


In business, signage is a tool (or collection of tools), that can be used to communicate with customers, clients, and/or users. Made up of graphics, images, text, or a combination of the three, these displays convey information like a company’s name, directions to or labeling of a specific location, safety protocols, and more!

A sign company will work with a business, institution, or non-profit to consult, design, create, and install custom signage. A quality company like Mosaico Signs will also assist you by making sure all your signage has the proper permits and is ADA compliant where required.

Depending on your signage needs, you could have the option of working materials like metal, wood, plastic, vinyl, a mix of them, and more! By working with us, you will have access to our expertise and ability to make recommendations that cater to your signage needs.

Sign creation can vary in length depending on factors like design, materials needed, the type, and number of signs that are being created. The best way to receive an accurate time estimate for a specific sign is to reach out to us and speak with one of our team members!

Mosaico Signs has access to top-tier modern equipment and quality material suppliers. With state-of-the-art technology, we can produce impressive and quality-controlled signs that are customized to each business’s needs.

Signage can often serve as your first point of contact with customers. You only get one first impression so it’s important to use signage to make your location easy to locate and well-branded and your message easy to understand. When a customer sees your business for the first time, you want to announce yourself as a trustworthy and well-kept establishment.

The process of selecting the best signage for your business can be intimidating at first. There are a lot of options and so many factors to consider. That’s why it’s always best to work alongside an experienced sign company when making these decisions. At Mosaico Signs, our team will be with you every step of the way to ensure that your signs benefit your business, institution, or other professional establishments.

Prices can vary from sign to sign. Materials needed, sign design, the installation process, and other factors are all considered when it comes time to price out a sign. If you like the design of a specific sign but aren’t pleased with the cost, we can help to find the best option for your signage at a price that fits your budget. For the most accurate pricing info, don’t hesitate to request a free quote!

Sign companies can seem similar at first glance but you’re sure to have a different experience with each one. At Mosaico Signs, we strive to create a pleasant and streamlined process for business owners who need custom signage. We will always go above and beyond to support the businesses of the Phoenix community!

Before purchasing a sign, it’s best to consider:

  • Cost
  • Placement
  • Design/Sizing
  • How long should it last

While it may be intimidating if you are a first-time signage purchaser, our team of experts can help you come up with a realistic game plan for all these considerations and more. Contact us today!