Car Wrapping in Phoenix: What to Expect

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More and more business owners are turning their fleets into moving billboards. With car wraps, you can take your existing vehicles and convert them into mobile marketing tools. That way, no matter where you park or drive, your vehicles will communicate your brand message.

If you’re considering a car wrap in Phoenix, read on. Below is a quick run-down on what you can expect.

1. An Increase in Impressions

A smartly designed car wrap will get noticed on the road. On a busy freeway of unmarked vehicles, motorists will be sure to notice unique designs that stand out. Plus, car wraps are a less aggressive form of advertising. They connect with people in a way that doesn’t interrupt their favorite activities like streaming or gaming.

If your business conducts service calls, a wrapped vehicle asserts professionalism. Instead of arriving in an unmarked car or truck, customers will recognize your branding when you pull up.

2. Exposure in New Territories

When your fleet explores new neighborhoods, your marketing message will follow. You can take your brand into new territories and reach new prospects with a car wrap in Phoenix. Unlike a fixed billboard, you get to decide where your message travels.

3. Great Value for Your Money

Compared to other forms of advertising, car wraps tally up at a fraction of the cost. The cost to renew ads for TV, radio and billboards can add up. But with vinyl banner printing in Phoenix, you pay once and receive unlimited impressions on the road.

4. Protection for Vehicle Paint

In addition to advertising, vinyl wraps will safeguard your car’s paint job. The vinyl can help protect from scratches and chips. That way, if you choose to sell or trade your vehicles, you can reveal the original paint job underneath.

5. Assistance from Experts

When you choose to work with a company specializing in vinyl banner printing in Phoenix, you’ll get expert advice.

At Mosaico Signs, we work with you on all steps of the car wrap process. From understanding your marketing goals through to design, printing, and installation, our team assists the whole way through. We can suggest techniques and messaging that will turn heads on the road and be easy for motorists to remember.

If you’re considering wrapping your fleet, give us a call. We work with businesses in the Phoenix, AZ area on all types of signage strategies, and we look forward to working with you too.

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