Hanging Signs

Are you looking for a way to highlight ongoing store deals or direct your customers to your location? Mosaico Signs offers hanging signs that guarantee results for your business.

The Best Hanging Signs in Phoenix, Arizona

We are a full-service sign company based in Phoenix, Arizona that offers various sign options. We only use top-quality materials that guarantee long-lasting, low-maintenance signs with a superior finish. We also offer front and back printing for optimum visibility, which makes your sign twice as successful.

Our advanced technology allows us to produce hanging signs with different designs, sizes, and mounting options to fit your business needs. The common choice for materials when doing hanging signs are below:

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Types of Hanging Signs for Your Business

Because of the different design and material options available for hanging signs, businesses use them in many different ways. To determine which hanging sign is best for you, here are some options:

Indoor Hanging Signs

Hanging signs are a good option when you are deciding on the perfect signage to compliment your office or store interior. When you need indoor directional signs, hanging wayfinding signs not only look good but are also effective.

Due to their elevated placement, they are in perfect view of visitors, making it more convenient for them to find their way inside your establishment.

Outdoor Hanging Signs

Outdoor hanging signs are great if you want to set yourself apart from the competition. These types of signs improve business visibility, attracting the attention of passersby even from a distance.

The right placement, content, and design allow you to convey your message effectively. And when you want two different designs in one signage, printing on both sides of your sign is also an available option to maximize your investment.

Hanging Blade Signs

Instead of hanging from the ceiling, blade signs are mounted on your building wall. Its upright placement is perfect for highlighting important business information such as your logo, company name, and contact details.

There are different ways to customize blade signs, from shape, size, or design. These outdoor hanging signs can also be illuminated, making them more attractive and memorable. Furthermore, positioned above eye-level, they provide great visibility and are sure to catch your audience’s attention.

When you need hanging signs that bring your business to new heights, call our team at Mosaico Signs today and get a free quote!