Hire a Monument Sign Company to Convey Your Business Message

Monument Signs in Phoenix

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Monument signs, by design, are made to have a big impact. These large, permanent structures are ideal for all types of business entrances, such as company headquarters, schools, churches, and more. Your options are vast when it comes to materials, including stone, concrete, brick, stucco, and more — all of which are made to withstand the elements in Phoenix, AZ.

If you’re considering hiring a monument sign company to convey your business messages, keep reading. Below are some key ways these signs will benefit your brand.

Landmark Your Business Location

When customers map their way to your location, monument signs can boldly confirm they’ve arrived at the right spot. Their sheer size alone makes them hard to miss at the entrance to your business. Your customers will be thankful that the sign made it easy for them to find their destination. Your impressive entrance will provide a warm welcome and create a positive first impression for new customers.

Capture the Attention of Prospects

With such a prominent sign close to the roadway or sidewalk, you will maximize your visibility to prospects. The large, eye-catching design of stone monument signs is unrivaled by other sign types. Their size makes them easy to spot from a distance, meaning your brand will be easily visible to motorists and pedestrians.

List Business Tenants

Take advantage of custom monument signs for a multi-tenant location. For business parks, shopping malls, and other shared buildings, monuments offer a way to list tenants. You can easily promote all the products and services available in your business center to bring in more customers. Plus, if you list the unit number of each tenant, you can improve the customer experience by helping them find their way.

Create a Completely Custom Look

Arguably, the biggest benefit is the ability to create custom monument signs. When you work with a professional sign shop, you can choose a number of customizable features. Everything from the shape and size of the structure to reflective elements and lighting is up to you.

On top of that, all your brand elements — fonts, colors, and graphics — are custom matched to your marketing. All of these options are geared towards boosting your brand recognition with a monument sign that people will remember.

Mosaico Signs can help you create memorable signs. We’re a sign shop in Phoenix, AZ, and we create all types of custom signage for businesses. Whether you’re looking for stone monument signs or another type of signage, we can help. We offer support and guidance through all phases of sign creation to help ensure your investment delivers results.

Contact us for a free sign consultation to get started.

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