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Businesses are always on the lookout for signs that function and give value in multiple ways. While trade shows, conferences and other networking events are great for identifying and reaching potential customers, they are a lot of work and request significant investments of time and money.

Vehicle graphics are the perfect way to attract new customers. Installing vinyl lettering or vehicle wrapping can create new leads for your business while you’re out for delivery or running other errands.

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Why Choose Vehicle Wraps?

Daily Impressions

Vehicle graphics are a popular choice for many businesses that want to set themselves apart and increase their visibility in their local market. It’s almost impossible to ignore their eye-catching presence on the road. The number of impressions you get while driving is more than enough to reach your target audience.


Another great value from investing in vehicle wraps is its longevity. Unlike other forms of marketing, these can last up to three to five years. Once installed, there is no need to keep replacing them to keep the promotion going.

Even when parked, you get to enjoy generating impressions from your vehicle graphics 365 days a year.

Added Protection

Aside from marketing value, vehicle wraps can also preserve your vehicle’s original paint. This adds a layer of protection that can shield your vehicle from small scratches, dents, and inclement weather. If you need to sell your vehicle, you’ll get a better price thanks to the protective layer it’s had.


Building a positive brand perception is important in any business. A good quality vehicle wrap reflecting your message helps give the impression that you are a professional and credible enterprise.

Since vehicle graphics generate a high volume of daily impressions, they’re a good choice for businesses who want to build their brand.

Types and Uses of Vehicle Graphics

Full Vehicle Wrap

Full vehicle wraps are when the entire surface of the vehicle is covered with vinyl. Because of the larger surface available for displaying information and images, this is the most effective among the types of vehicle wraps.

Partial Vehicle Wrap

Compared to a full vehicle wrap, a vinyl wrap is installed only to a portion of your vehicle. You can choose between doing either of the two types of partial vehicle wraps: ½ wrap or ¾ wrap.

Partial wraps cost less than full wraps. This is great for businesses with budget concerns or those wanting to try vehicle graphics.

Vehicle Lettering/ Decals

Vinyl letters or numbers are installed on the vehicle surface instead of vinyl wraps. This is a popular choice for established businesses who only need to display their company name, logo and contact details.

Uses for Vehicle Graphics

Let Mosaico Signs help generate more profit for your business through vehicle graphics. If your vehicle fleet is in Phoenix, Arizona or surrounding areas, get in touch with our sign experts today!