Best Wall Murals In Phoenix, AZ

The Evolution of Wall Murals

In the past, you needed artists to hand paint custom wall graphics if you wanted to add them to your store or office. It was either this laborious and expensive process or buying patterned stock wallpaper from big box stores.

Now, because of technology, it is possible to transform a room, hall or wall overnight through printing custom images on vinyl or commercial wallpaper. Instead of repeating patterns, you can transform your wall using a single good quality image or images combined to create your desired look.

Thanks to digital printing technology, you can enlarge photos of your early products or other sites for your customers to view. You can conveniently choose a stock photo on available websites or create a custom graphic for your wall design. These can easily transform a room or wall into a unique and memorable spot for visitors and customers alike.

Aside from images, a popular design trend for wall murals is doing inspirational walls using words, quotes or phrases that reflect your brand, and impacts your customers and employees.

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Benefits of Wall Murals on Your Business

Mural wallpapers are a great way to intensify indoor branding and show visitors the innovative side of your business. Enhancing your working environment through wall murals also significantly boosts employee morale.

Wall murals are perfect to liven up these areas:

Digitally printed custom wall murals can be used for:

A Modern Wall Mural and Its Components

Choosing the right wall mural for your business may be challenging especially if it is your first time. Choosing the right wallpaper that reflects your brand and matches your overall indoor aesthetic can get overwhelming especially with the wide array of design options available.

To help guide you through designing an effective and attractive custom wall mural, here are some items you need to include:

When you decide to add wall murals to your business in Phoenix, Arizona, choose a reputable sign company like Mosaico Signs. Learn more about how custom wallpaper design and installation works by speaking to one of our sign experts today!